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How I bumped into an old friend who is now a university lecturer.

    Some years back while i was attending preparatory classes into the university there was this tutor who was very intelligent and funny. We all liked him because of his style of teaching. Then more


Another dream about a real life experience

    So the news about a police officer shooting an army officers was all over the media more


How I met the woman we helped after a few years

    Indeed it's a small world and dreams can be awkward. So one cool evening my mom and I were returning from church. It started raining heavily. We saw a woman taking shelter. She was also carrying more


I was just jealous that she met another guy

    I have this friend I have known for about six years now who lives in another African country. We have been very close friends. If you go through our chats you wouldn't believe she is someone whom more


I bought a huge loaf of bread.

    Dreams and weirdness are two words you just can't separate. Last night's dream was as weird as every other. Okay, so this particular dream happened at Onitsha.( I decided to stop more