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How we rescued a woman from armed men

    It's not the first time I'm going to be having a dream like a movie but it's actually the first time deaths were recorded. I found myself in this place where there was an old abandoned more


My friends and I were attacked by a Lion

    This is the first time I woke up angrily from a dream. My friends and I were visiting the mansion of a relative. The house is so big that it has a lot of lions in it, about 70 of them. When more


How my friends legs were amputated

    After I woke up from last night's dream I sat in the bed for a few mins thinking if i should make a phone call first or if I should this post first. Well, I chose the latter. This dreams is about more


How a womans car was stolen by robbers

    So I and some other passengers were standing at a bus stop waiting for a commercial bus going our way. We saw this woman drove by and parked her car in front of the building opposite the bus more


Had a dream about my real life experience.

    A lot of things could really come in the dream after watching a movie or doing something in real life. Just yesterday on reddit I saw this video of an accident and it was shocking to me. Here's more


I witnessed a helicopter crash

    So, I was in my bathroom playing with the tap. I don't know how I got it twisted but I broke the tap. I was trying to fix it when I heard rapid gun fire from outside. I looked through the window more


How I almost got caught up in a war

    It was towards evening. I saw myself working in an abattoir. Everywhere was calm at first. Then suddenly it was as if there was chaos. People started running for safety. When I asked what more


Had a fight with a demon

    Like I always say, dreams can be confusing and strange and this is just one of them.

So we(two family members and I) were at this church praying with other members of the church more


I fought and killed a beast.

    Dreams sometimes can be confusing.
I am very sure that I had three dreams last night because I can count them in parts.

I'm sharing this particular one because I remember more


How we escaped being used for rituals

    It was towards evening.

We were four in the car traveling.
We were waiting for the traffic light to turn green when suddenly a man came to the window of the driver's more