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My Rwandan friend came visiting

   How I wish I could write this dream differently. I had this friend who lives in Rwanda. We met on Facebook and as the time she was a more


I scared a troublemaker with a fake phone call

   This dream actually happened in my hone town in which majority of the people still cook with kerosene. My elder brother went to buy kerosene more


How I bumped into an old friend who is now a university lecturer.

   Some years back while i was attending preparatory classes into the university there was this tutor who was very intelligent and funny. We all more


Another dream about a real life experience

   So the news about a police officer shooting an army officers was all over the media more


How I met the woman we helped after a few years

   Indeed it's a small world and dreams can be awkward. So one cool evening my mom and I were returning from church. It started raining heavily. more


I was just jealous that she met another guy

   I have this friend I have known for about six years now who lives in another African country. We have been very close friends. If you go more


I bought a huge loaf of bread.

   Dreams and weirdness are two words you just can't separate. Last night's dream was as weird as every other. Okay, so this particular more


My funny encounter with a Salesboy

   Been a while a had a funny dream. I was on my way to visit a friend who was hospitalized. Getting there I bumped into the salesboy of the more


Yo, I got the EFCC job.

   This is going to be a short one.

Did you guys hear about the millions of dollars found on the Ikoyi building and how some people more


I am worth N2 trillion

   Yesterday I was on the same street where the central bank is located and then two of their big bullion van truck was passing and one of the more


I was in a plane and this happened....

   And so the news about a certain airline in a west African country, flooded the internet.
Little did I know I am about to have a dream more


One dream,three events

   *takes deep breath*

I just hope I get to confuse anyone reading this.

Honestly dreams can be confusing at times even more


How I was in a movie in my dream

   Honestly I cant really give a detailed account of this dream I had last night but all I can say is that there were a lot of shootings in it. It more


Funny outing with my friends

   This dream is a funny one and the friends I talked about in it are actually real people but I'm going to withhold their names. So I was chilling more



My late brother, Chuu visited me on his birthday.

   Yesterday was his birthday. It wasn't just like every other day for me because I was thinking about him throughout the day. So last night in more


My dreams and thoughts about the afterlife

   *heavy sigh* When my brother Stephen died in 2019, I started to wonder what happens when people die. If there was another world then what more


I woke up at 12noon and it was still dark

   In this dream I woke up like I do on a normal day. I thought it was about 5am, but when I checked the time it was actually 12noon. But everywhere more


Thieves tried to steal and break into my car

   In this dream, I drove to church. When I got there, I couldn't get a parking space inside the church compound because it was already full so I more


How we rescued a woman from armed men

   It's not the first time I'm going to be having a dream like a movie but it's actually the first time deaths were recorded. I found myself in more


My friends and I were attacked by a Lion

   This is the first time I woke up angrily from a dream. My friends and I were visiting the mansion of a relative. The house is so big that it more


How my friends legs were amputated

   After I woke up from last night's dream I sat in the bed for a few mins thinking if i should make a phone call first or if I should this post more


How a womans car was stolen by robbers

   So I and some other passengers were standing at a bus stop waiting for a commercial bus going our way. We saw this woman drove by and parked her more


Had a dream about my real life experience.

   A lot of things could really come in the dream after watching a movie or doing something in real life. Just yesterday on reddit I saw this video more


I witnessed a helicopter crash

   So, I was in my bathroom playing with the tap. I don't know how I got it twisted but I broke the tap. I was trying to fix it when I heard rapid more


How I almost got caught up in a war

   It was towards evening. I saw myself working in an abattoir. Everywhere was calm at first. Then suddenly it was as if there was chaos. more


Had a fight with a demon

   Like I always say, dreams can be confusing and strange and this is just one of them.

So we(two family members and I) were at more


I fought and killed a beast.

   Dreams sometimes can be confusing.
I am very sure that I had three dreams last night because I can count them in parts.

I' more


How we escaped being used for rituals

   It was towards evening.

We were four in the car traveling.
We were waiting for the traffic light to turn green when more


I saw the angel of death

   And so I found myself walking down a major road in the evening with my friends. We were going home. It was already getting dark so quickly. more


How a woman was murdered

   It was dark. And so I saw this woman running away from two men. It appeared they wanted to harm her. So she ran into a residential building more


Funny and tragic incident

   And so I was resting peacefully in the house when my mother called me on the phone to come help her out. It appeared she was stranded on her more


Bomb with a ball detonator

   Four balls the size of lawn tennis balls were used as a detonator. What I mean is that the balls are not to be kept together else a bomb more


Had a dream that I died

   And so the dream happened thus : I was dreaming and in the dream i was alive and something happened (cant explain that), and so i happened more