How I bumped into an old friend who is now a university lecturer.


Some years back while i was attending preparatory classes into the university there was this tutor who was very intelligent and funny. We all liked him because of his style of teaching. Then we became good friends after a while.

Years after schooling, my friends and I decided to visit the university just to while away out free time. But guess who I saw in one of the classes lecturing students? The same tutor that taught me years ago. He was now a university lecturer. I told my friends about him and then we decided to sit in his class. He was even funnier than he used to be.
He wrote a song on the board and asked his students to sing it one after the other. Lol. You need to hear how the voices of some students sounded like a broken record. We all laughed so hard. The class ended so it never got my turn or that of any of my friend's.

After the class, I went to met him to say Hi. He was so happy to see me again and told me how he couldn't wait for the singing to get to my turn. Yea I was lucky because the student's would run away should they hear my singing voice. Yes it's that bad. Lol. 😂.

We talked about a few things and then I left.


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