How I met the woman we helped after a few years


Indeed it's a small world and dreams can be awkward.

So one cool evening my mom and I were returning from church. It started raining heavily. We saw a woman taking shelter. She was also carrying a baby on her back. We stopped and asked her to hop into the car so we drop her off at her place. She was very thankful to us.


Few years later after I have moved from the city I decided to pay my elder brother a visit who still lives in the same city the woman lives. Surprisingly my brother now works for her husband's company. A very big company.
He introduced me to the couple. The woman didn't recognize me because it was a long time and it was towards the night too.
The couple seem to be very nice people.
The baby has grown and she now has another baby.

I told my brother everything about how we helped the woman.

We were still deciding if we were going to tell them or not when I heard my elder brother call my name to tell me he is off to work.


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