I am worth N2 trillion


Yesterday I was on the same street where the central bank is located and then two of their big bullion van truck was passing and one of the drivers was waving the wheels making the truck move in a zigzag manner.

I said to my friend "I just don't see the point in waving this truck. Why don't the driver just move straight since the road was clear. What if he looses control of the truck now and it tumbles and falls?". And that was it.

Now early this morning say at 5am or thereabouts, It came to me in a dream and I saw the truck loosing control and falling.

At first, the police escort where preventing people from coming close to the truck to take money(the back of the truck was open).

but few minutes after, a police man was seen giving a woman a bundle of money. That gave people the courage to move close to the truck and everyone started taking the bundles of money.

I took about Five huge bundles and left looking for a safe place to hide it while i go back for more.

While I was hiding it I saw an amount written in one of the bundles. It was N510 billion.

To be honest, my mouth was wide open for a few seconds.

Then I hid the money.

Then later a woman(probably a whistle blower, lol) who was acting all patriotic came around and started searching for money to return back to the bank. She took one bundle and then I still had four left. I was feeling rich af. Lol

It was an amazing event.

So right now as you all know I am already about N2trillion rich IN THE DREAM LAND, Don't come after me in real life.

If you need to arrest or blow whistle on me just come to the dream alright? Lol.

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