I bought a huge loaf of bread.


Dreams and weirdness are two words you just can't separate.

Last night's dream was as weird as every other.

Okay, so this particular dream happened at Onitsha.( I decided to stop using anonymous locations for more clarity).

I was on my way to Wendy's. (Wendy's is a fast food restaurant).

I took a bike(Okada). So this this Okada man said he knows Wendy's and I boarded only for him to take me to a different location. I told him "this isn't Wendy's".

He apologized and asked me to pay half the fare we agreed on. Seeing that Wendy's was just on the other street, I decided to play smart-dumb ( yes, it's smart-dumb because it would have been better to just let him know Wendy's was on the next street) and agreed.
I paid him and then trekked the remaining distance( how awful).

Now , I got to Wendy's just to buy bread. I saw this huge sliced loaf of bread. Luckily for me it was not as expensive as I thought. Just N500. I decided to buy. Paid and left.

When I got out a lot of people were starring at me. It was so much that I almost ran back inside.

But then I woke up.

Now in case you are trying to imagine how big the loaf of bread is, I did a quick Google search on huge loaf of bread and i came up with an image that fits the exact size I bought.

Click on the link below to see the image.

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