I scared a troublemaker with a fake phone call


This dream actually happened in my hone town in which majority of the people still cook with kerosene.

My elder brother went to buy kerosene and he met a long queue. He paid and got his receipt of payment but He couldn't wait for his turn so he left and returned home. Few hours later he asked me to go stand in the queue get the kerosene. So I went there and showed the sales girl my receipt to prove that payment has been made by my brother so she can allow me, instead she started asking me some insulting questions which really got me upset. The people around told me that she likes to make trouble with everyone. So I decided to scare her a little. I faked a phone call to a friend asking him to come help me beat up someone messing with me. Everyone started begging me to let it go and forgive her. I didn't say a word.

Someone who knew where I'm from quickly went to our house to tell my brother what I'm about to do.

Meanwhile the sales girl locked up the shop and closed sales for the day and ran home.

My brother came with some friends and I told him it was just a faked call and that no one was coming to beat anyone. The girl was called back and this time she was quietly sad in shame the whole time while everyone got their kerosene.

I'm actually not the kind of person that likes to make trouble. So I just did it to shake her up a bit. Lol.

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