I was just jealous that she met another guy


I have this friend I have known for about six years now who lives in another African country.
We have been very close friends. If you go through our chats you wouldn't believe she is someone whom I have never met in person. We have a very strong connection. We talk about NEARLY everything.

Then last night I had a dream about her. I got to find out about that part we don't talk about.

Now it happened that I was sitting with her and we were talking and having fruits,(Bananas I think). She was speaking my local language (Igbo) to me. I was about to ask her who taught her and then this message came into her phone. I asked her who it was and she told me it's a message from a Nigerian she met online.
She said his name is Michael,(surname withheld) and he is the one teaching her his local language (Igbo). I was shocked to find this out but decided be calm. I asked her more about him and she said they were just friends and that she talks to his parents sometimes and his parents also helps in teaching her the language, I was even more shocked.

I was just jealous all through the conversation. You could tell by mere looking at my face.

Well, thank goodness that was just a dream and I had to wake up from it.

Let me know your thoughts.

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