My Rwandan friend came visiting


How I wish I could write this dream differently.

I had this friend who lives in Rwanda. We met on Facebook and as the time she was a medical student. We were so close to each other, we talked every day, made video calls often. We talked about visiting each other. We knew almost everything about each other. We helped each other pass through difficult moments.

No friendship is perfect so we normally had our disagreements, but we always reconciled within the next 24 hours.

But one particular event broke our friendship. I'm not going to mention it here because that's not the reason for this post.

Now here is the dream.

She came to visit my female cousin in Nigeria. At that time, my cousin happened to be in the same state as me so my cousin lived in our house. So my cousin had to bring her over to stay with us during the period of visit.
When I saw her I was surprised how she got to know my cousin. But I didn't let that bother me for long because I didn't care.
We still didn't talk to each other during the time of her stay in our house. I even gave up my room for her to sleep in and she used some of my stuff...... Yet we never said a single word to each other.

As at the time I woke up from this dream she was still around and hadn't traveled back to Rwanda.

Awkward endings as usual.

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