My funny encounter with a Salesboy


Been a while a had a funny dream.

I was on my way to visit a friend who was hospitalized.

Getting there I bumped into the salesboy of the man I usually buy vehicle parts from.

I asked him(the salesboy) to get me gearbox oil.
He left and came back with four oil seals. I was surprised.
I turned him back and told him again what I needed to buy.
This time he came back with a TV stand. O yea you read that right. Now what has that got to do with a vehicle.
I turned him back again while also stating clearly that I needed a gearbox oil.
He left and came back with a chair.
This time I thought I already had enough so I went to the shop by my self.
I met his boss and told him everything. He apologized and gave me what I needed and I left.

The good thing is, while all these were going on, my friend was having a good laugh on the hospital bed.

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