Bomb with a ball detonator


Four balls the size of lawn tennis balls were used as a detonator. What I mean is that the balls are not to be kept together else a bomb programmed to it goes up.

So a group of people were in a building and suddenly we heard sounds like that of chaos. Few seconds later a group of men stormed into the building and held everyone hostage. They threatened to blow up a part of the building if their demands were not met.

So now one of the hostiles had three of the balls while another had one. One of the hostages tried to escape but was chased and caught by the hostile with one ball. So as the hostage was being brought back to the group, the hostile forgot that he wasn't suppose to go close to the one with the three balls. The two hostiles were only one meter away from each other before realizing it,but it was too late.!!!!!!! BoooooB!!!!!! A loud explosion was heard and a part of the building was brought down. No one was hurt tho but it caused a lot of panic.

I woke up and found myself breathing heavily.

I kept wondering if such detonator exists in real life. If you have any idea please let me kw.

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