Funny and tragic incident


And so I was resting peacefully in the house when my mother called me on the phone to come help her out. It appeared she was stranded on her way home.

So on getting there I found out she was with two other young girls. It seems their car had a fault.

Now this is where the dreams gets funny.

I tried to help see if I could fix the prob. So I was trying to start the car but instead of just putting the key in the ignition I was starting it exactly the way you start a generating set.

Yes, you read that correctly. And I dont mean the key starter, I referring to the one with rope. So unfortunately the rope got cut. So I had to drive my mom and the two girls home. So while we were heading their home, there was traffic.

There was a very big cliff beside road. People were walking on it and crossing(jumping) unto another cliff. Its actually a road for pedestrians. So as I was complaining why the government didnt put a hand rail on the cliff to help protect people using it from falling accidentally, two young boys got into a heated argument and started fighting.

One of the boys almost fell off but had to hold his opponent. And his opponent almost fell off as well but he was just hanging with one hand on the cliff.

Now this is where the shocker is........

Someone came along and instead of trying to pull both of them up he removed the hand of the boy from the cliff and he boy fell in to scaffolding with lots nails on it.

....... What shocked me the most is that the person who did this is someone I know in real life since childhood, and in the dream he was wearing a security uniform(very popular security company in real life) . I looked up and screamed his name and then I made some hand gestures expressing my disappointment. As we were rushing to go help the two boys I woke up..

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 While I think you should be careful dreams can be direct or indirect and pray over such 😈.