Had a dream about my real life experience.


A lot of things could really come in the dream after watching a movie or doing something in real life.
Just yesterday on reddit I saw this video of an accident and it was shocking to me.
Here's the link:

I had another dream like this one few months ago.
Here's the link:

This dream is just a typical example of such occurrences.

This happened on the popular Mission Road, Benin City.
I was just at Holy Cross junction trying to park by the road side when I saw this heavy-duty vehicle trying to make a turn at the U-turn. There was a car wrongly parked at the junction so it was impossible for the heavy-duty to make a free turn. But the driver of the trailer didn't even care as he went ahead and hit the car.
As the heavy-duty made this turn the driver kept moving and didn't border to stop and check for damages he made to the other car.

But something else later happened.

The driver went on full speed and hit other vehicles at the next traffic light.
Some of the vehicle busted into flames.
People rushed to the scene of help the victims.
No one died, just injuries.

Fire service arrived shortly.

End Of Dream.

Let me know your thoughts.

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