Had a fight with a demon


Like I always say, dreams can be confusing and strange and this is just one of them.

So we(two family members and I) were at this church praying with other members of the church then all of a sudden something seemed out of place. It wasn't just like a normal church worship anymore. We started seeing strange figures and people. We looked around and saw that no one was as surprised as us so we knew we were at wrong place at that time.

We tried to leave but was told by the ushers that we can't. So we forced our way out of the door of the supposed church. Then we met tall huge man outside within the premises.

Going by our looks he already knew that we knew what was going on and that we were going to tell what we saw so he attacked us.

He first sent one of his followers, we beat him.

It was when he was coming after us that I woke up.

But it didn't stop there.

It was as if I was in a trance but this time I was still laying in bed.

This same figure was coming towards me. I started praying and binding it. This went on for about twenty minutes.

Then he disappeared.

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