How a womans car was stolen by robbers


So I and some other passengers were standing at a bus stop waiting for a commercial bus going our way. We saw this woman drove by and parked her car in front of the building opposite the bus stop. She alighted from her car and went into the building.

Few seconds later a yellow commercial bus parked about 20metres behind her. Two fiercely looking men alighted from the bus and walked to her car. They opened the car door with the key they had but they couldn't open the ignition. So they rolled the car away.
We all just stood there till they went out of sight.. Some said they were robbers who only wanted to use the car for robbery.

No one even tried to raise an alarm or call the police because we were terrified.

A few minutes later another commercial bus stopped at the bus stop to pick us.

We boarded.

On our way we noticed something strange in the conversation between the driver and the conductor. They were talking about where the stolen car has been rolled to. We suspected they were robbers too and could be part of the plan to rob with the stolen car.

Then the conductor started collecting the fare from each passenger. We all paid and the conductor refused to give me my balance. The driver stopped the vehicle they both walked away leaving us there.


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