How my friends legs were amputated


After I woke up from last night's dream I sat in the bed for a few mins thinking if i should make a phone call first or if I should this post first. Well, I chose the latter.
This dreams is about a friend I knew from Facebook in 2009. We used to be very close. We were so close to the extend that even if you cut off her tongue and she tries to speak to me over the phone, I'd still know she is the one on the phone. I know a lot about the her. In-fact, I knew too much about the but I have never met her in person.

But the thing here is that we stopped communicating since about three years ago. We had a small issue that wasn't even enough to worry about but then it made us stop talking to each other. What a shame.
Now let's talk about the dream.
My siblings and I were driving home when I saw a girl with amputated legs sitting in the junction closest to our house. She was a beggar who had an inscription about what happened to her. It was a long inscription but the long and short of it was that she had an accident and her legs were amputated.
I recognized her the very moment I saw her but I was filled with fear to even meet her. When we got home, I was filled with worries about her. I began to imagine what she must have gone through that she had to sit on the road and beg for alms. I felt so much pity for her.
Another confusing thing is why did she choose to sit at that particular junction because there isn't much people around the area. It's the worst place any beggar can sit and ask for alms.

I discussed this with my siblings and they said we were going to go and meet her.
I still have her number and I don't know if I should call her and tell her this dream. But like I said earlier, it's been about three years since the last time we spoke to each other so i'm a bit confused about this.

Let me know your thoughts please.

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