How we escaped being used for rituals


It was towards evening.

We were four in the car traveling.

We were waiting for the traffic light to turn green when suddenly a man came to the window of the driver's side where I was and said to me, "Very soon you will see me".

I didn't understand what he meant so i just ignored him.

Light turned green and I moved. After about few minutes I noticed a white car coming behind us on high speed. Sensing that something was wrong I quickly turned the car and faced them.

They stopped and got out of their car. We got out of our car too.

They were all wearing red.

I noticed the man I saw on the traffic light among them. Then I understood what he told me.

As soon as we realize they were ritualists, we started praying and rebuking them.



They fell down and died.

We later got to find out from the people living in the area that kidnapping for rituals have been going on for quite awhile in that area.

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