How we rescued a woman from armed men


It's not the first time I'm going to be having a dream like a movie but it's actually the first time deaths were recorded.

I found myself in this place where there was an old abandoned building. It's usually used for making movies where hostages were being kept. But this time it was actually like a real hostage situation. A woman was being kept in there with her hands tied behind her..

People who lived around the area saw some armed men going in and out of the building regularly but they just taught it was another movie. And so it was when she screamed so loud that I paid attention and discovered it was a real situation not a movie.

I tried calling the police to no avail. Then I met with some youths who agreed to go with me to rescue her. We were unarmed though.

So we devised a strategy on how to disarm one of the men quietly and use his gun to kill the other men.

We went into the building and disarmed the man by the entrance by doing something to distract him. One of us took his gun and we went into the building. Shot one of the men and took his gun. It was at that time that the other men(about three of them) who went out just arrived. They saw the dead man at the entrance and suspected something was wrong. They all drew out their weapons. They started shooting but we had an advantage because we were inside the building taking cover but they were outside in the open space. We returned the fire from the second floor of the building and killed all three of them.

It was at this point I woke up.
Well, I'm sure we rescued the woman since we killed all the bad guys..

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