I saw the angel of death


And so I found myself walking down a major road in the evening with my friends. We were going home. It was already getting dark so quickly.

We looked ahead and saw something that looked like a man wearing a black robe and holding something that looked like a spear(not so sure what its called).He was looking very scary.

We ran back to the end of the road where we saw a group of people praying. We hid at a safe place(so we assumed) not knowing that the man was particularly following us.

He walked past the people praying and was coming towards us. We ran and began to circle the people praying hoping he would go away but he continued chasing us in circles.
Even when we decided to get in the middle of the people he came after us in full force and tried to grab us.

Then I woke up.

Now i have searched through Google with the description of what I saw and I found it here on the link below.

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 It's a really scary image.....

Edit: Image link seems to be broken.