I witnessed a helicopter crash


So, I was in my bathroom playing with the tap. I don't know how I got it twisted but I broke the tap. I was trying to fix it when I heard rapid gun fire from outside.
I looked through the window and saw a flying helicopter with a man sitting in it and shooting from an automatic rifle. I could hear the voices of people from two streets away screaming in pain and running for safety.

And then, something strange happened.

The helicopter lost it's control and started spinning in the air while it was making it's way to the ground. It spined a few times and then it crashed right in front of my house with a great explosion.

I rushed out to see what happened. Five men were right there on the ground burnt beyond recognition.
Good thing it didn't crash on anyone's house.

While waiting to see if anyone will come around and explain who they were, I woke up.

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