My dreams and thoughts about the afterlife


*heavy sigh*

When my brother Stephen died in 2019, I started to wonder what happens when people die. If there was another world then what kind of world would it be and what would he be doing at that time. So many questions but no answer. I had a lot of random dreams about him. We would do things together, go places together. The good and the bad. I would wake up with a lot of thoughts in my head. I wished there was something I could do to bring him back. But there wasn't.

So when my brother Jude died in 2021, my curiosity deepened. My perspective about life changed completely. I started to think deeper about the existence of the afterlife and ask more people questions. Google assisted me with some answers. Somehow I was satisfied but not completely.

I started to have dreams about seeing my brother Jude. I started to have random dreams about him also. In one of the dreams I had a few weeks ago we were seated on something that looked like a pew. It was as if I already knew he was dead because I asked him "Will you wake up when we get home?" He answered "Yes". When I woke up. It didn't seem like a dream. Everything looked so real. I was about going to his room to see if he was there but I had to snap back to reality.

Now last night I had another dream where I saw Jude. This time we were at a family event. And again I knew he was already dead. While we were in that event he was in communication with the other world. He would mumble some words and when I asked who he was talking to he will say he was responding to the questions of those in the other world. After a few minutes he told me he had to leave to the other world so he could attend to something urgently.

I woke up. It was like I found more answers to my questions.

Indeed there maybe another world where those who died in this world move to. A place where life is just normal the way it is here.

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