My friends and I were attacked by a Lion


This is the first time I woke up angrily from a dream.

My friends and I were visiting the mansion of a relative. The house is so big that it has a lot of lions in it, about 70 of them.
When we got there we were told that a new lion from the wild will be brought into the house in a few minutes. We were a bit excited and also scared because this new lion is yet to be tamed and may not be able to remain calm in a room.

So when this lion was brought in, it was put in a room. But unknown to the keepers the door has a faulty lock. Then they left. My friends and I were still looking at the lion through the window as it was banging and pushing the door. Moments later the lock fell off and the lion came out and charged towards us. We ran outside screaming but no one was around to help. We climbed a short fence and stayed up there but one of my friends wasn't able to climb so the lion attacked him biting him in different places. Thank goodness the lion never had the chance to bit his neck. We climbed down and started throwing stones at the lion, then it came and attacked two of my friends biting them in several places but didn't get a chance to go for their neck. We kept throwing stones at it and it ran away.

We ran inside the house to look for people to help us but what we saw next surprised us. All other lions were inside another room that has faulty lock.

I told my friends that I can't stay in that house anymore. I went to have my bath and left angrily.

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