Thieves tried to steal and break into my car


In this dream, I drove to church. When I got there, I couldn't get a parking space inside the church compound because it was already full so I parked outside about 5 minutes walk from the gate because a lot of cars was already parked outside.

As I was walking to the gate of the church I saw a man opening the bonnet of a car. Some people around there were talking in low tone that he is not the owner of the car. He was trying to steal the radiator of the car.

As I walked about 5 meters, I saw another man pull out a gun and shot the thief.

People started running away. I decided to run back to the car only for me to get to where I parked and couldn't find my car or any of the cars parked around me.

I panicked. I was confused. No one around to even ask what happened.

I walked further about 10 meters still trying to imagine what had happened. Then I turned around and saw my car in the bush nearby. I ran to the car. Looked around it. The window on the driver's side and back wind shield was already cracked. It seemed the thief tried to break into the car but couldn't. But then I was trying to imagine how the thief was able to move the car in the first place. It beat my imagination.

I opened the door and checked under the bonnet. Everything was very intact. Nothing was even moved(except from where my car was parked). I entered the car and was about starting the engine to move the a little girl approach me and told me the people who tried to break into my car was in the next compound. I didn't bother checking. I just got into the car and drove away.

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