Funny outing with my friends


This dream is a funny one and the friends I talked about in it are actually real people but I'm going to withhold their names.
So I was chilling out with two of my friends. One of them came with his girlfriend. We ordered drinks and found out that we could win a prize when we lift the rubber covering the inside of the crown. So the girl was the first to open her's and she won thirty five thousand naira(N35,000). My friend opened his and won thirty five naira(N35). He was so disappointed to the extent that he started accusing the sellers of changing the prizes on the crown before selling to consumers. We were all surprised at his words(like how on earth is that even possible). It resulted into a serious arguement with the sellers that they almost got into a fight. Thank goodness for other customers who intervened immediately. I then suggested we leave immediately. I was too embarassed to spend even another second there.

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